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  • Virus Cleanup
  • System Tune-up
  • Configuration Issues
  • Printers & Multifunctions
  • Email Services
  • Training & Guidance
  • Program Errors & Crashes
  • Home Networking
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Trojan, worm, root kit, spyware. Be confident that your PC has a clean bill of health!


Is your system running slow? Get a tune-up to have it running like a well greased machine.


Running in the past? Have the newest version of Windows installed with ease.


Needing to upgrade your graphics card, RAM, CPU? Doing so improperly can leave you with an expensive mess. We can help!


Got a new system but don't know what wire goes where? We can help from deboxing to login.


Get your new wifi router setup correctly and make sure all your network appliances are correctly connected.

Why choose Us

We provide end-to-end I.T. service right at your home. Big or small we have you covered! From new hardware to getting everything set up, we have the solution for you!

Our Mission

To operate through honesty and integrity. Providing the best possible service at a reasonable and fair price. To ensure everyone has the right to use technology to its fullest.

What you get

Professional, guaranteed I.T. service to get back to what you want to do sooner.

Computer Repair

Computer repair can mean so many different things but ultimately, for us, it means making your computer work the way you expect it to. We do this in a similar way that doctors diagnose an illness. We start by getting a history of the computer and what may have changed recently, along with the symptoms you have noticed. The next step in your computer repair is to start running tests based on the history and symptoms to see if we can get evidence that backs up the hypothosys that the technician has on the problem with your computer. If the evidence is found we then proceed to repairing your computer much like a doctor at this stage would begin treatment. If evidence is not found we then develop a new hypothysis and begin testing for that until we find the problem.

Often times these stages happen very quickly and the customer may not even know some of these steps are taking place because sometimes these stages happen simultaniously but it is always good to be able to have a list of symptoms and think about what may have changed recently to allow the technician to more quickly be able to diagnose the problem. Changed things would include new software installed/uninstalled, hardware installed (this includes hardware you may not think of like a new mouse or monitor), moving your computer from one room to another. Many of these things may seem irrelevent to repairing your computer but believe us when we say that we have seen very weird causes for problems.